25 April 2007

hey daddy-oh

hi dad,finally managed to get around to logging onto your blog,looks good and I hope to sometime today write a bit more.It's been raining heaps here which is uncommon but good for the State.I have forgotten what it's like to live in NZ where it seems to rain constantly,Australians are pretty spoilt.Robert has today off,yay,so we might go for coffe at our local(Supply) later on this avo.I am looking at a home tomorrow to rent which is on our street,Mum,you walked past it and said that you liked the windows,do you remember that one?Anyway,it has gor a pool and extra bedrooms so here's hoping.Off to read an article by Naomi Woolf about fascism in the States,didn't know there was!Lots of love,Hells

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