30 September 2007

Enough is enough

I stopped sending my newsletter because I became increasingly embarrassed at (1) my infrequency of writing; (2) the undoubted fact that for many what I wrote was irrelevant. I said, "I will start a blog. I will go the way of the world! For if I blog, I can write as much as I want and NOBODY HAS TO READ IT!" Unfortunately some did - they told me so. So then I thought I had better try to write things worth reading. Then I discovered that doing so took as much time as before - assuming I ever did manage that. Pride. It is pride that says, "better write nothing than write badly." OK, I give up. I will write more frequently, and just as badly. For the moment, this is all I have time for - but be warned. More is to come. OK, not quite all. I am already regretting my agreement to play in the University Orchestra's up-coming concert that includes Beethoven's 3rd Symphony, the 'Eroica.' I haven't time for this sort of thing! But I was flattered by being asked at all - and then by being offered pay! A pittance, to be sure, only enough to cover expenses, but still... They want to give me money?? Well! This sheds new light on things :-) Farewell - but not good-bye. I shall return.

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