28 September 2008

Busy busy busy!

I had started a post for this week-end. The subject matter was something like "my life as a failure." Perhaps it there is some self-referential appropriateness in the fact that I have had to abandon the post. I am just too busy this week-end - I have failed to post! :-) Nevertheless, I was reflecting on the many things I have attempted in life. I was going to be an astronomer. I learned a lot about astronomy, did some University studies towards that, but never finished. I was going to be a linguist. I did finish my Master's degree, did some work towards my PhD, wrote a couple of books and a few articles - but never really got much further with it when I abandoned that to work in computers. In computers ... well, I rather manage to keep the University of Auckland's Business School systems from collapsing in a heap, but not a lot more. I had occasion to look at the web page of my high school best friend yesterday (http://www.physics.unr.edu/FacBennum.html) and thought of how he had indeed succeeded at exactly what I had attempted. I wondered - had I regrets? I spent a little time in prayer. God let me reflect on my life - the time spent in various marvellous places (Honolulu; Yap; Auckland; Pukekohe); the four children and six grandchildren Susan and I have fostered; Susan herself; and, wonder of wonders, our becoming Catholics. I seemed to feel the Lord was asking me, "Are you satisfied?" I am satisfied. My measure so exceeds anything I might have imagined I can scarcely take it in. I am satisfied. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy indeed. I am off shortly to a rehearsal in Auckland. I did not want to let the week-end past without having written something - even something explaining why I haven't time to write anything :-)

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John from Canada said...

While you may make some claim to "failure" if you measure your life according to some sort of metric of accomplishment, the true measure of a life is not in doing, but in being. And who you are, John, is not a list of things you have done or successes you have achieved, but you yourself, no more and no less. I am glad to see you recognize it: you count as blessings your "being-at" marvellous places, your "being-with" and "being-for" your wife, your children and your grand-children, and your "being-in" your Catholic faith. Not bad for being too busy to post.