09 November 2008

Busy busy busy - again!

Well, I was going to write something today, honest I was! Seiko from the office decided that she wanted a horn lesson.

Look, dear, I can play the horn; I know nothing about teaching!

But she came over anyway and she, Susan, and I had a lovely time, messing about with her horn and mine, and eating lunch together. I did then sit down to try to write something - the title was going to be "The Fear of the Lord," so perhaps it is as well that I failed :-)

But the next four weeks are going to be a bit on the crazy side.

This week Friday (the 14th of November) is Eddie and Eveline's 10th wedding anniversary. Sue and I will be going up there on the Friday to spend a couple of nights taking care of Robyn, Jonathan, and Julian, whilst Eddie and Ev go away for at least a couple of days' peace.

The following three week-ends are solid orchestra - concert on the 6th and 7th of December. We will be playing (amongst other things) Beethoven's 3rd symphony, the 'Eroica.'

But I may be a little incommunicado for a few weeks.

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