08 December 2008


Concert just over - and the last one for the year! We played:

  • Overture to "Die Meistersinger" (Wagner)
  • 5 Mahler songs (not my cup of tea, but Helen Medlyn sings like an angel)
  • A fanfare written for us by our composer-in-residence Leonie Holmes - exciting stuff!
  • And after the interval, Beethoven's 3rd sympony the "Eroica."

Three of my friends came - I mean besides Susan, who is definitely the one of my friends who counts most :-) But three others came, two from work, one who is a good friend of Susan's. It is always very satisfying to me to play when I know there are people I love in the audience.

A crisis has come. I have never owned my own horn - too expensive. For the last fifteen years I have hired a horn from the Howick School of Music.

Starting in 2009 they have a new director - a man who is a brass band man - and it is his ambition to push brass for the school. And the time of rental of that horn looks like coming to an end.

I might have continued with that horn as it is not yet certain they will require it for first term 2009 - but the handwriting is on the wall. Other rental possibilities may exist, of course, but certainly commercial one are very expensive (the music school rent has been really only a token amount).

So I have bought a horn.

I rang up KBB Music, just wondering what they might have and how much it might cost. Well ... They are having a sale! It lasts until Christmas. And they have one horn, a Hans Hoyer 801L, precisely the one I would have preferred. At about 25% off. Interest-free for one year. Bought on the old, more favourable exchange rates (the New Zealand dollar has taken a beating the last month or so).

I can no longer say I have never owned a horn. And as Susan commented when we decided that I would buy it: it is now obvious that I will be playing the horn for as long as I am physically able.

Oh, well, there are worse addictions. I guess.

It is a lovely instrument.


Anonymous said...

You should post a picture of your new toy here.

John Thayer Jensen said...

A photo of the horn will be forthcoming. It will be taken with Susan's new toy. For some months now Susan has been edging on buying a digital camera.

Finally, with a little help from trademe (New Zealand's local auction site), I bought her one. she has not done any serious photography with it yet. I guess it is appropriate that the one bit of new equipment should be used to capture an image of the other.

But ... it's just a horn, looks like any other horn (except shiny and new - but I'll soon take care of that :-))