03 January 2009


Vacation, not holiday!

Holidays are ... holy days! New Zealand celebrates Epiphany on the Sunday nearest 6 January, so tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Epiphany - but Christmas continues on until the Sunday following Epiphany - the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord - 11 January, this year. From Monday the 12th we return to 'ordinary time' - time in the ordo of things, the regular pattern (until Wednesday 25 February, Ash Wednesday, but that's another story).

So we are on holiday at the moment, but will also be on vacation - time, theoretically, of doing nothing - from Thursday the 8th.

In particular, on Thursday morning Sue and I will drive up to Kaitaia - according to Google Maps:

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a trip of more than five hours - not counting stopping in Whangarei to see where Helen and Robert lived, etc. I keep wanting to go on up north to Cape_Reinga but it will not happen this year.

Instead, we will visit my old friend from University who lives in Kaitaia, then head to Opononi where Dave and Jody Van Boxel live. We will be with them until Monday; return home on Monday the 12th; and Susan will then proceed to Australia to see Helen and Robert, also Johnny and Diane - and I will be on vacation during that time - not doing nothing but rather doing Susan's paper run.

Just giving my excuse for why you won't hear from me next week-end :-)

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