08 February 2009

Square Dance

Before I forget - my parents belonged to various community groups in the area. My father was a volunteer fireman - very exciting for us. He belonged to the Boring, Oregon Fire Department. This group had functions that the familes could attend.

Square dances were really popular and also the food provided at them. They were held in the Boring Community Hall.

I can see couples swirling around a huge dance floor with some guy dressed in a cowboy shirt and boots singing up on the stage -"Hey Goodlookin' - Whatcha Got Cookin'? - How's About Cookin' Somethin' Up With Me." I remember thinking that maybe he was a baker.

I knew a lot of the people on the dance floor but until those evenings I hadn't known that they could dance like that. It seemed very fast, confident and orderly. I wanted to squaredance, too.

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