12 April 2009

Easter 2009

Holy Thursday - Mass of the Last Supper - Good Friday - the deep silence of Holy Saturday - and then Easter Vigil Mass last night - I suppose this can sound like the usual routine; it is never that, and I suppose it could be. As a Protestant, I never quite 'got' Easter. Christmas was the big day of the year.

It is not so now.

Johnny came over (Diane couldn't make it) last Saturday, the 4th of April and has been with us this week, and will be for the next. Eddie and Eveline came down today for lunch and we went out to visit the house in Patumahoe that Susan and I are supposed to go and live in early next year. Tomorrow morning, Sue, Johnny, and I will head up to Parakai, pick Eddie up, and take off for just a couple of nights. We will be visiting David and Jodi Van Boxel, our friends who live up on the Hokianga - stops in Kataia and Ahipara on the way.

And then home. Johnny leaves on Friday the 17th; Sue and I will attend the Eucharistic Convention on the week-end; and then Susan will go off to her annual theology course.

So things are a bit busy and I won't say more now, but Johnny borrowed a friends 'camcorder' and here are some videos from the week-end, including bits of the house in Patumahoe. The site will download them whether you click on them or not, so when you click on that link, be patient. It takes a few minutes before it has finished and is ready.

Resurrection blessings on you all!

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