10 May 2009


No time to write anything this week-end, alas. We have been busier than usual, somehow, including going up to Eddie's and Eveline's today, Sunday the 10th. Indeed, the next six weeks look like being really busy, but we shall see.

Just notes:

  • it has suddenly turned quite cold. 5 degrees a couple of nights (41F for you northerners), and the last few days stormy, blustery, rainy, lightning.
  • Ka'ai and Kaleo are coming in this evening - may be here already. Not sure what we will be doing with them, but we will certainly see them. They are doing the tourist thing - I think including visiting the South Island, which is more than Susan and I have done in the 36-plus years we have lived here.

I must confess to spending time frivolously - though there are some of you who will not think it frivolous. Some months ago I bought off Amazon - on sale - a four-DVD set comprising the 1981 BBC television mini-series "Brideshead Revisited." Susan and I have loved the book for years. The Wikipedia article quotes Waugh himself as saying that the novel "deals with what is theologically termed 'the operation of Grace'."

Susan likes watching films, television programmes, and such-like, so I thought I would get this for her.

I made the mistake of watching the first episode (of eleven) with her. I am captured. We watched Episode 6 this evening - 5 to go.

All of which explains in part why I have been so busy. I recall something Eddie said today to us, when we were discussing the book, which he has read: he didn't want it to finish.

I know what he meant.

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