01 June 2009


Oroville is more famous than I imagined - at least it is according to the Wikipedia article. To me, it still feels like my home town. I suppose that is because I lived what feel like my formative years - age 12 to 18 - there.

To the best of my knowledge, my father had never farmed before. He was, however, the most practically skilled of men, and never one to have any qualms about learning new skills. Years after Oroville, when his lower spine was in very bad shape and he could not farm (this was on the ranch in Hawai'i), he taught himself bookkeeping, from a textbook, and worked for several years as cost accountant - or perhaps it was bookkeeper - for one of the hotels, until his back healed.

The farm he bought in Oroville - some 8 Km out the Olive Highway, near the corner of Canyon Drive: View Larger Map

I see Kelly Ridge is now "Quail Ridge" - must have been more saleable.

Anyway, in, as I recall, February, 1954, Jeremiah moved out to the farm.

And I think I must talk something about Jeremiah before going on about the farm or Oroville.

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