22 May 2010

Oh, well...

...I had hoped to write another bit about my first year at University, but ...
  1. On Wednesday (19 May) we re-installed our main backup server.  This was expected to be completed by sometime Thursday morning.
  2. This afternoon Darren (my co-worker) and I finally managed to get it working well enough that I hope we will survive the week-end.
  3. I did at least some horn practice.  Next Saturday (the 29th) is our first rehearsal.  To be sure, I am only playing 'bumper' ('second chair') for the leader, because of my lip, but, still, it would be nice if I could play something.
  4. I finally did Susan's income tax - which I would not have to do if the fiends at [name of her employer suppressed to avoid lawsuits] had not insisted on changing her status from part-time employee to contractor.
And so the afternoon managed to come to an end.  Tomorrow, Sue and I will go up to Eddie and Eveline's for the day - maybe I'll write something tomorrow evening.

OK, no, I know I am dreaming.

Thursday, two days ago, the 20th, was a triple anniversary:
  • 38 years of marriage
  • 26 years since Sue, Johnny, and I returned to New Zealand
  • 26 years since Helen, Eddie, and Adele moved to New Zealand (since they weren't born here)
Sue and I went out to dinner to Little Thai Restaurant - so little they don't have a web page, but they don't need one.  They make lovely food and cater to Susan's coeliac needs.  I don't know what the rest of my family did to celebrate their return to/arrival in New Zealand, but that's what Sue and I did - oh, yeah, and we remembered our wedding anniversary, as well.

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