31 October 2010

Immanent injustice

OK, the title is just a play on words from the last post - the injustice in this case being my own telling you I was suffering COPD - when, according to the spirometry that was done on Thursday, this is not so.

I have just a few minutes now, having just come home from Mass and getting ready to leave for orchestra (pre-concert rehearsal and then the concert), so here is the collection of stuff, for those interested in my health, that seems to have come from this last week's tests and consultations:
  • I do not have COPD
  • I do not have asthma
  • I almost certainly do not have lung cancer or tuberculosis
  • My doctor does not think my cough is caused as a side effect of the blood pressure pills I take (cough is a rare side effect of them).
Which is all very well, but:
  • I do have some sort of increased amount of guck in my bronchial tubes - keep having to clear my throat, cough, etc
  • My voice has, over the past six months or so, gone very hoarse
My doctor is inclined to doubt the cancer-from-chewing-betel-nut connexion - saving that as a last resort.  She thinks I am experiencing a combination of (disgusting subject alert) post-nasal drip and reflux.  She has put me on pills for the latter, antihistamines for the former.  If no improvement in six months, then she will send me to a specialist otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat man to us ordinary mortals).

I hate talking about my health - disgusting subject - but some have asked, so I have promised to give this run-down.

Off to concert shortly.  It has been so wonderful being able to practise a fair bit these last few weeks, because I have been on leave.  Back to work on Tuesday!

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