04 September 2011

more busy...

Well, I was going to write more memoirs today - honest I was!  Last week and this coming week are semester break at the University, and we in the computer support team have a considerable amount of infra-structure changes to make.  It was planned that we would do the week-end work yesterday, Saturday the 3rd September, and then then finish during next week.

Yesterday is not enough.  I am going to have to go up to the University today.  No time to write anything except just this feeble excuse.

One more matter: please pray for Father Paul Horgan, SJ.

Father Horgan was our (my and Susan's and our children's) closest friend during the 8 years we lived in Yap.  Although Father Horgan was one of those dreaded Catholics - and a Jesuit, forsooth! - we just ignored that (completely!) and treated him as though he were a normal human being.

You just can't trust these Jesuits.  I am morally certain that, even though he seemed to be a friend, he was doing something in secret: he was praying for us!!

The result is that we became Catholics!  Let that be a lesson to all of you who want to remain non-Catholics.  There may be people out there praying for you.  If so, watch out!

Father Horgan was moved out of Micronesia to New York two or three years ago.  We have had e-mail contact with him during that time, and when Susan went to see Adele in New Jersey last year, they, together with Susan's sister Candace, went to see Father Horgan.

I have just been told, by Johnny, that Father Horgan had a stroke this last February, 2011.  He is now recovering, but has a way to go.  Johnny is going to the US next week, Wednesday the 7th September.  He will spend about a week and a half with Adele in New Jersey, then another week and a half with Peter, my brother, in California, then go home.  It was because Johnny was trying to make arrangements to see Father Horgan that he found out about the stroke.  Johnny will certainly go to visit him when he is there.  I ask your prayers for this wonderful man to whom, in earthly terms, Susan and I owe, at least in part, our Catholicism and, indeed, insofar as the Catholic Church is the instrument of salvation for all men, our salvation.


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