11 August 2012

Routine failure

I must, last week-end, have been genuinely ill.  Not only did I take the Friday off on sick leave - a rarity for me - but only on Tuesday of this week did I remember that I had not written my weekly post.

And nor am I going to be able to do so this week-end - and probably not next, either.  I had some sort of 'flu from late Thursday - fever being the principal symptom.  I missed the first rehearsal for the August concert - and I think this is the first time I have ever missed a rehearsal for illness.  I had hoped to write something this morning, but I think it will not happen.  Possibly tomorrow, but not too likely.  Next Saturday is the concert, and on the Sunday we will be with Eddie and Eveline.

So...  in case I don't produce the next thrilling episode in "The Jensens vs Yap" until 25 or 26 August, I have at least now made my excuses, such as they are.


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