24 December 2012


New trousers can be a problem.  I have worn the same type all through the autumn and winter  and carried my cell phone in the deep, front, left pocket.  Great place and always handy.

Two days ago I decided to switch trousers - it is getting hotter and I wanted to mow the lawn.  I finished the job and decided that these different trousers needed a wash. Sadly, I didn't only wash the trousers.  I also washed my cell phone as I had placed it in a new location - back pocket - and didn't think to check.

John had been trying to call me and got no answer.  He rang me on our home phone and asked why he couldn't get through to my cell  phone and I didn't know.  Panic - looking all over for it and knowing I would find it under papers, in my purse, etc....

Just to double check, I looked into the washing machine.  I hadn't seen it there when I took the trousers out to  hang up. .....well, I wasn't looking for a cell phone then, either.

Oh yuk - was it really in there?  Face the truth - it was there.

I rang John and told him and he was very straight forward about it - he reminded me that we had been talking about getting me a different phone.  Okay - it was my choice but he really thought that I needed a better phone.

These types of plans always make me nervous.  It's the unknown.  If I got a better car, no worries.  I know how to drive a car.  If I got a better house, no problem.  I know about living in a house - but new machines - it's not the same.

The next day,  Saturday, John and I went to the Vodafone shop - this place makes me really nervous.  Most of the people in there speak a foreign language that they all seem to effortlessly understand.  All I can do is look at the phones on the display racks and think about what colour I might like if I were buying one.

Somehow we ended up looking at the Samsung Galaxy S III - why would I need a cell phone like that?  It looks complicated.


I have to tell you that I am in love with it.  These Samsung people really know what they are doing.   

All of you foreign language speakers already know what it does - the email, the camera, the GPS, the apps (that is my new vocabulary), the weather - just too deluxe.

John helped me to download some of the books off my Kindle.  I now am reading John Grisham's latest  book while waiting in line at the grocery store.

One of the apps I have got is the the Opus Dei readings, etc that I use.  It is all there and it is wonderful.   There are even photos of Saint Josemaria. No more having to sit with a book - I now carry one in my front pocket - note - in the front pocket :-)

The first night after I got the phone, I kept waking up trying to "find" it - I kept seeing water and couldn't grasp the phone as it was bobbing on the waves.  That's my continual concern, that I will wash this one, too.

Time will tell.

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