13 April 2013

The 'bus

When Edna and I separated, we had only the one car - a Volkswagen - and it was clearly proper that she and Kathleen should have it.  I purchased a motor scooter - a little Yamaha 50 - got my motorcycle licence, and later replaced it with a Honda 90.  That motorcycle Sue and I brought to Auckland in 1973, and it, with its Honda 125 successor, was our transport until 1975.  When we returned to New Zealand, to live in Pukekohe, in 1984, I bought a second-hand Suzuki 450.  From late in 1984 or early 1985, I sometimes rode that bike to work.

I soon discovered the disadvantages of a 50-Km motorcycle commute:
  • it is cold much of the year
  • it is windy all of the time
  • it is scary some of the time
  • it is boring all of the time
It had, however, one advantage over driving a car:
  • it is cheap
Even at present, I would not drive a car to work.  With all costs, including parking, it would probably cost at least $200/week.

In 1985, I found a better way: the 'bus.

To be sure, there are now commute trains (I don't know if there were in 1985).  In a pinch I could take the train.  Because of the location of the station (at both ends) it would be difficult.

Sometime in 1985 I began taking the 'bus.  It goes on the motorway for about half the distance.  It takes a little over an hour.  It is cheap.  I can read on the 'bus - or sleep.  It is very satisfactory.

So when I was offered a job not on a convenient 'bus route - and, nearly simultaneously, offered the University job - and the 'bus goes right past the University - that was the deciding factor.

I began riding the 'bus to the University - and experienced the main disadvantage that 'bus-riding has over driving:
  • it is inflexible
For a while in 1986 in my new job, I started riding my motorcycle to work again.  I did this until sometime in about July 1987, when an incident happened, which had no direct relationship to my riding the motorcycle to work, but which ended my motorcycle riding.

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