02 June 2013

Happy Days

This will be short as I started something and "lost" it - please, no questions - for me this is an easy thing to do.

I was writing about living in Cedar Hills Park on Park Place - about the neighbours, their cars, their kids who were my friends, the area  was beautiful with many trees around the houses, etc.  It was a good neighbourhood and it was safe at the time.  I don't think any of us ever thought about anything bad happening.  We locked our doors at night - that was being careful but no one ever worried about much else.

There was a new shopping centre up the main road.  It had shops that I loved to go into with my mother - a big grocery store, nice clothing store jammed with womens' clothes in local labels which were Jantzan, White Stag, Pendleton - all of these were made in Oregon.  A shoe store, chemist where we took our photos to be developed and a restaurant where we loved to go on Friday night -if we were good.

One Saturday morning my mother took my father's car up to the shopping centre.  We went into Safeway to buy food and returned to the car.  We opened the door and sat there for a couple of minutes and things began to feel "different".  I can remember asking my Mom when my father had bought the wool blanket that lying on the backseat of the car.  She looked around and suddenly realized that we were sitting in someone else's car that looked just like ours - we threw open the car doors and jumped out of the seats - looked a couple of rows down and there was our car.  We ran over to it, jumped inside and started laughing.  In those days people often didn't lock their car doors if they were in their local neighbourhood. 

I can't remember ever hearing of anyone having a break in at their house or car.

Next time I will talk about our move to Seattle.

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