27 March 2007


My children – and those who have been in my home – will know of our cuckoo clock. It was given us as a wedding present in 1972 and lived in our houses in Honolulu, Auckland, Yap, and finally in Pukekohe. Over the years it got more and more difficult to keep going, and finally, about two years ago, it gave up the ghost and went to Cuckoo Heaven. Resurrection is always a hope, however. Adele let it be known that she treasured the memory of the cuckoo clock, and that if we did not get it repaired, she would still like to have it. I did a bit of googling around and found that there was a place in Auckland that repaired such things, so Susan took the clock there. Poor Mr. Laird! He did repair the clock, but it took him 21 months – mostly waiting for parts, but also delayed twice because of two serious accidents he himself had – one involving stepping into a manhole. Anyway, the clock is almost repaired now. It is in our dining room at present and works fine, except that it only cuckoos once on the hour, so Susan will take it back to Mr. Laird next week. I feel sure he will restore it to full cuckoo glory. I look forward to another 30+ years of happy cuckooing.

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