30 March 2007

Triple J

A small intro as to who I am. Most of you will know who I am but for those that don't here goes. I carry the following crosses beyond the obvious ones. I am the blog owners oldest son, have his raving conservative beliefs (not nearly enough my father would contend) BUT am as my father so lovingly reminds me I am now a suit. I will be turning 32 this year God help me. Never thought I would get this far considering the crazys I am related to. But oh well I am almost there. I work in Sydney, Australia doing as my father has already mentioned SAM work. My biggest contract so far is doing all the license compliance work for Autodesk. Think architects (cad software) and movies like The Lord of the Rings. So if you know of any naughty people in ANZ please let me know. Almost any business is good business. My father of course will be dry wrenching now realzing that his eldest has basically become a suit and WORSE STILL a salesman. Oh well, dad you will cope. That is all from me for now. JJJ

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John Thayer Jensen said...

My son! My own son! Be assured, I can forgive your becoming a Suit. I can forgive your becoming a Software Licence Cop. One thing remains, however. Pray for me that I may be able to forgive - errors in language.

"My father of course will be dry wrenching now ..."

"...dry retching..."