08 March 2009


It is Sunday afternoon and we have returned from Helensville. Eddie will be 29 on 14 March and we went up there to have an early birthday party with him and his family. We had a good time and I got to hold their new dog for as long as I liked.

Eddie's job is going really well and is not affected by the current economic trouble.

We had a BBQ and sat around talking and telling stories. No one in the family is really "shy or retiring", so it can get pretty loud....a lot of fun.

Helensville is a small town with a lot of history. It is located on the Kaipara Harbour and was important during the kauri milling many years ago. The past twenty years have seen it dip low in jobs but it is certainly making a come-back. The main street has been improved and the train from Auckland is currently running four (?) times a day which makes it possible for commuters to work in town.

I love the place. There are many old homes on the hillside and Eveline (Eddie's wife) and I often get in her car and drive around town looking at them. There are also shops to visit and we have fun.

Eveline's parents own a Bed and Breakfast inn on the mainstreet. It was originally the first hospital in Helensville. The building is very old and her parents have fixed it up - it is wonderful. There are two main bedrooms with private bathrooms and also a wing that has smaller, single rooms and two rooms for backpackers - The BB overlooks the harbour.

Eveline works at the BB for her parents when they need her. They can be very busy at times.

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