15 March 2009

Johnny - and other stuff

We just heard from Johnny who is in Sydney. He has sent to us a couple of photos of Helen's kids. They are all in downtown Sydney while Helen's husband is attending a medical conference. It looks like they are having fun and the weather is good.

I am always glad when our kids can get together. Johnny will come home for a couple of weeks in April. We have a lot of jobs for him to do - cleaning the gutters, painting the garage wall, sorting out the numerous items of things he has has stored here since leaving home in 1995. There isn't too much stuff but I want him to sort thru it.

We are now gearing up for the coming weekend which is "concert time". John plays in an orchestra - on his new horn - and is at a rehearsal at the moment. There will be two concerts next weekend - one on Saturday night and the next is Sunday afternoon. The venue is now closer to our house - about twenty-five minutes away. I go to every concert and we have friends who are also going thru the year.

Gotta go! More next week. Or maybe not. Next week is the concert. More next chance I get

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