21 March 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Next concert looms.  Rehearsals today (Saturday 20 March) and tomorrow.  Susan preparing for her trip to New Jersey.  She leaves this coming Wednesday afternoon, the 24th March.  Rehearsals Thursday and Friday nights; Saturday afternoon before the concert; concerts Saturday evening and Sunday.  So just a few mixed notes here.  I will probably finish this tomorrow morning.

Susan points out that we haven't even had time to tell some in our family - my brother Peter, for example - about her trip, so I had better say something here.

In short - and now it is Sunday morning and I have 12 minutes until I have to leave for rehearsal! - Susan is going to see Adele and Luke and Thea!  As I have said before, we borrowed money last year to work on the house.  Around November, when costs were beginning to finalise, I could see that we were a bit under budget - and I wondered: Perhaps Susan should go to see Adele.

She was able to get a fairly cheap flight - so she is going.  She leaves this coming Wednesday.  She will be there only for two weeks - more could not fit in.  I will take leave in order to do her paper deliveries.  But we are so glad she could go.  Adele has been away now for over four years.  Thea is two years old and some.  This is a very good thing.

Sue returns Friday the 9th of March.  The next morning - with Susan jet-lagged to the max - we will go to the Eucharistic Convention where, amongst others, Cardinal Arinze is going to speak.  He is the author of Liturgiam Authenticam, which, I am told, was more or less the first step that will have led, God willing, to the improved translation of the Mass about to be released.  So this is quite something to look forward to.

I trust Susan will be able to stay awake for it :-)

All for now!

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