07 March 2010


I am tempted to use the visit of Helen and Robert - Sue's and my daughter and son-in-law - with their two children Georgia Grace (9 years old) and Gus (3 - and a half! :-)) - as the excuse for writing nothing in particular this week-end.  I could shore up its weakness as an excuse by saying that tomorrow, the 7th of March, Sue and I will be spending with Robbie Loretz.

The excuse would be, if not completely false, at least inadequate.  The fact is that I need to get a bit of order into this thing if I am to keep up with it.

First things first, however.  As long planned, Helen and Robert did come over, and spent, not one, as originally planned, but two nights with us.


Well, this was going to be a post about getting some order in my life - but we spent Thursday through Saturday with Helen and Robert and Georgia Grace and Gus - well, they arrived Thursday afternoon and left Saturday late morning - and we spent today with Robbie - so I guess my life is too disorderly to post more   :-)

We did have a great time with H and R and GG and G.  They are now up in Kerikeri visiting Frances, Robert's sister, her husband Simon, their brand-new baby Oliver, and Robert's mother Jessy.  Oh, and his uncle lives near there.  They spent Saturday night with Eddie and Eveline.  They will be in country until the 19th of March, when they leave.

And we had a picnic with Robbie today.  A wonderful thing has happened - he is on a committee that is to prescribe musical standards for the new form of the liturgy, and I think he is going to be pretty influential.  But I confess he seemed pretty tired.  He is now teaching full-time, and doing full-time stuff on the week-ends.  His choir did the music for Mass today at the chapel at the Little Sisters of the Poor retirement home in Ponsonby - combination of things like "Sacred Head, Now Wounded," and Mass parts in Gregorian chant.  Wonderful!

Apologies to those of you who may read this who don't know Robbie - I wish you did!! - but in addition to my children, several others do - and love him - and his music.

Regarding order - it is not just in my life generally that I need to achieve some orderliness.  I want to do something about this blog.  In particular, I am proposing to do something like setting myself to do one post on religion a month, one on my memoirs that my kids have asked for, maybe get Susan to do one - and ... well, not sure.  But that is what I was going to talk about - if I had had time.

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