06 April 2010

Lips and prayer

I had the stitches out yesterday.  My lower lip is still numb.  I wrote the paragraph below to a couple of professional horn players on the web:
A week ago today - that is, on Tuesday the 30th of March - I was in a car accident. I was not seriously injured, *except* that my lower lip was smashed against the steering wheel, pushing my lower teeth into it. My teeth are all right. The car wasn't moving very fast when the crash happened.

I have no doubt it will heal - but the whole centre of the lower lip, down almost to the base of the gums, is very numb. When I try to play the horn, I have a very bad tone and no high notes (above about 3rd-space C), and not much control.

I will see a doctor for advice, but my fear is that a nerve has been permanently damaged. Does that sound likely? If so, I suppose I will not be playing the horn again :-(

Have you any advice?
I do fervently pray that the thing will fix itself.  If it does not, then I think that will be the end of horn-playing.  If so - well, God has given me 20 wonderful years playing the horn as an adult (I started again in 1990).  If now is the end, it had to end sometime.  But I pray, and ask your prayers, that it will come right.

I had a wonderful time up north in Helensville, with Eddie and Eveline, and also with Marko and Rachel.  The Easter Triduum at Holy Family Parish in Te Atatu, with Robbie doing the music, was perfect.  This week Friday, the 9th, Susan comes home.  Next week-end we will be at the Eucharistic Convention.  One more week's leave after that, and then back to work.

Do please pray.

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