01 April 2010

Yet more answers to prayer!

Thank you, all of you have been praying.  I had never considered there might be some issue with the insurance.  When I explained that I had been delivering newspapers, the red flag went up: commercial use.

There ensued 24 hours of waiting.  I explained to them that I had not known there was a problem with our using it twice a week for paper deliveries - it was just our family car.  They would get back to me tomorrow (today).

They did.  They will cover it, since the accident had nothing to do with the paper deliveries per se, and I had not know about the restriction - but I will have to get it covered commercially.

Thank God for the coverage.  The value of the car isn't much, but 3rd party - what Americans call liability insurance - could have been a real problem.  I have just negotiated the new coverage.  It will be about twice as expensive - but Susan will be able to deduct it from her income tax, so that will help a bit (not much; her tax rate is pretty low).

All of this comes from the fact, some years ago, that the paper Susan delivers - the Franklin County News - was bought by the monster Fairfax company (which I think is part of the Rupert Murdoch empire, but maybe not; maybe that's the competition).  Fairfax changed all its paper deliverers - mostly children - from being casual employees to being contractors.  The result is that Fairfax doesn't need to pay sick leave, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) levies, nor bear any liability for work-related issues.

Most deliverers don't have to use a vehicle so I suppose this wouldn't have made any difference to Susan.  But the insurer tried to sell us personal liability insurance (not vehicle 3rd party; that's covered in the policy).

Sigh!  This business of being a contractor has been a real pain.  Anyway, the crash is covered.  Thank God and thank all of you for praying.

This evening I am heading up north to Helensville for the Triduum.  Robbie Loretz's group is doing the music for the Triduum at Holy Family Parish in Te Atatu Peninsula and I am going to make it a mini-retreat - spend some time also with Eddie and family, see Marko, etc.

I just wanted to let you all know the good news.  You might still pray for my lower lip.  Still numb.  Very concerning.

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