21 August 2011

Busy, busy...

After the astonishing outpouring of comments on last week-end's post - most of them eager to find work for the vast numbers of empty, idle hours at my disposal - I suppose it right to explain that there will be no real post this week-end, nor next.  Concert next Saturday, rehearsals this week-end, next week Thursday and Friday evening, then concert Saturday.

And - you will say - "lazy blighter, he has Sunday off - he can jolly well come up with something then!" - but, no, I have not got Sunday off.  Sunday Sue and will make our way up to see Eddie and Eveline.

OK, but some of you know that I have Mondays off after the concert week-end.  Yes, and Sue and I have an errand in Auckland - and I will try to catch up some of my paperwork.

I'm sure the world will survive no jj post for a couple of weeks!


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