17 August 2011

The 'People' demand a book

JJ has obviously come under some pressure to write a book. I would like to just take a poll of everyone and anyone who reads this blog. If you want him to write a book, please add a comment saying what kind of book and why. I've already said why, as to what kind of book: I think he could write many different styles of book but what I'd really like to see is a collection of short stories, fictional or otherwise. That way irrelevant so called 'problems' like not enough time or lack of publishing facility would be out of the picture. This is because short stories are... short :) and therefore require a lot less time to write than novel sized manuscripts. Also, there's no need to get them published in book form until there's a collection of work and a fan base screaming for the volume... stardom awaits the bearded one Plus uncle Peter said he'd pay for it so the excuses are looking a little thin :) JJ I dont want you to feel like your getting picked on, I know your already putting in a lot of time doing the blog. But when I heard Marko say you should write a book I suddenly realised I agreed with him very much, it would be something that many people would appreciate. So maybe you could think about it, and if lots of people respond to this and suggest you write a book of some kind, maybe you might consider doing it :)


John Thayer Jensen said...

My son ... the traitor!

You and I will have words about this when mother and I see you on the 28th :-)


Marko said...

Yes, you have my vote...JJ should write a book, something along the lines of a true story...and inspiration!!! Who I am kidding, at the moment I will settle for anything so he has no excuses....if short stories are easy to do, short stories it is!!! I am out fol blood, will support any shape or form of a book!!!